Monday, September 19, 2011

Fruit tartlets for niece's wedding

Salam and halo lovelies,

seemed quite a long time i did not update my blog. there were also some pictures from the camera i probably deleted. few weeks back i made these fruit tartlets for my niece's wedding. i was really ran out of time as i commute a little help at the event and i also need to make a few hundreds cuppies for the door gifts. unfortunately, i forgot to take pictures of the cupcakes...

there was a story about these lil' tarts. after i've put the tarts in a box and snapping some photos, i quickly left it on the table and started to beautify myself immediately for the wedding ceremony. however, my little niece which is quite hyper have climbed up the table and dropped the tarts. pretty sad, but she's just a year or two...what is she to know? so readers, happy viewing ya!

p/s - not forgetting, zillion thanks to my baking teacher Sislea Safuan for digging the super sexy crunchy tart shells' recipe (wahh, sooo wanna burst into good tears) which is different from others. Thank you for sharing it with me....

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